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IT Done Differently


Helping Businesses Succeed with Apple, an Unparalleled Experience in the Creative & Tech Sector whilst delivering IT Solutions for the future.

Helping you Achieve your Growth Aspirations. Making sure that your IT Infrastructure is fit for the Future. 

Customer Requirements

Making sure our solutions meet your needs with the right blend of Hardware and Software. 

Managing Costs

Managing IT Costs, keeping them under control ensuring any investment you make gets the results you need. 

Operational Efficiencies

Identifying and implementing systems that provide Efficiency Savings across your business so you can focus on Growth. 

Environmental Impact

Working with a number of Partners who have adapted their products and services to be Environmentally Friendly, 



Whether your looking for Hardware from Apple capable of handling 8k Projects, a Storage Solution with enough Capacity for your Next Big Idea, Backups to ensure that your hard work isn't lost in the event of a disaster or a solution to manage your Fleet of Mac's quickly and easily. 

Business & Financial

Do you need to setup a Call Centre to handle Customer Queries, Video Conferencing to make connecting with Customers and Suppliers easier, Data Loss Prevention to prevent against an unauthorised data leak or Email Security to meet Insurance and Contractual Requirements.

Travel & Hospitality

Do you need a Telephony Solution to handle a high number of Customer Calls ensuring you provide an excellent service, Hardware allowing your team to work from anywhere or iPads for improving the Customer Check-in Experience all with the power of JAMF Pro.



We will only recommend a solution to you if it is a good fit for your business. We take an in-depth look at the systems you currently have in place, understand your companies goals for the future and your teams current IT struggles and then work out the best systems and setups so you can focus on reaching your goals and we can worry about the IT.

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Travel planning

Where to Find Us

We're based in Bury St Edmunds, but provide support and coverage nationwide. If you would like to find out more about how Coded Point can help you, reach out via our Contact Page. 

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