About Us

Redefining IT

IT Done Differently.

Coded Point are Specialists in implementing IT for the Creative Sector but we can also support companies in the Financial, Engineering, Travel, Healthcare and Education Sectors. We're experts in Apple deployments and partner with JAMF to help simplify device deployments and management. 

IT is about more than just support tickets and rooms filled with servers. At Coded Point we know that IT is at the core of your business. We believe that security should be the number one priority of your IT Infrastructure, but it shouldn't impact how your users work or their productivity. 

We can design, plan, implement and support a whole range of solutions to help your business resolve any IT Hurdles, Improve IT Security and Increase Productivity for your team. IT Systems shouldn't be difficult to use or constantly affected by IT Issues. Creating an IT Environment that works for the businesses of today using the best, cutting edge technology to keep users working. 

Our Approach

Review Current Systems

Identify Current
IT Hurdles

Plan for your future Goals


Secure, User Friendly IT

Our Approach is to identify the current IT Hurdles your Business and Users are facing, review current IT Systems and look at what your goals are for the future. We can then identify and implement solutions to set you up for the future. This approach is what sets us apart from our competition. 

Why Choose Us

IT is more important than ever especially as everyone is still adapting to the new way of work and IT has a critical part to play. Employees want the flexibility to work how, when and where they want to and your IT needs to able to support the new approach to work. 

Coded Point helps companies find solutions that meet the requirements of the business, provide a great user experience to increase productivity and ensure that IT Security is not affected whether you adopt a remote or hybrid working approach or not.


You can't compromise when it comes to IT Security but that doesn't mean that Productivity and the End User Experience should be negatively impacted.

Our Values


We believe Security is the most important part of any IT Infrastructure. Protecting the data of employees and customers. Security should be built in from the ground up rather than added at the end.


Build connections with our customers and team. Have conversations that empower new thinking. Take everyones views into account, irrelevant of position or title and listen to specialists with experience to solve problems and make effective decisions.


Out of the Box thinking and finding ways to do things better than how they have been done in the past. We don't mind if it is unconventional or different.


Working together to create enhanced and secure IT Environments. Only by working together can we produce the best end result. Treating everyone with respect and utilising the strengths of others.


Empowering our team to create and provide their best work and space to learn and develop. Taking responsibility and encourage customers to utilise their IT Investments to there full potential. 


Using the tools and solutions available to produce the greatest output at the highest level of quality. Finding solutions and methods to increase productivity and make tasks easier to complete.

Our Commitment

Whether you work with us for one project, one hardware purchase or on an ongoing support basis we will ensure that you receive the best customer service and provide you with the best recommendation to make informed decisions. We use the best, cutting edge technology to keep your users working and reduce the number of IT Support requests. 

Excellent Customer Service

Ensure we Understand Customer Requirements

Providing the best recommendations

Our Partners

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