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Redefining IT

IT Done Differently

Coded Point are Specialists at Designing and Implementing IT Solutions to Reduce IT Support Tickets, Increase Productivity, Boost Efficiency, whilst Driving up ROI and Growth. Experts in Apple Deployments, Partnering with JAMF to simplify Device Management. Offering an Unparalleled Experience within the Creative and Tech Sectors to help Businesses achieve their Goals.

IT has been done the same way for decades, with users constantly encountering issues, negatively impacting productivity. That’s why at Coded Point, we do things Differently, our aim is to simplify IT. Every Solution we recommend has been designed with the End User Experience in mind.

We don’t stop at Productivity, IT Security is one of our Core Values, which is why we work with our Partners to ensure that Security is delivered Out of the Box. Security on your Work Device should be near invisible, so as not to affect the user, just like using your Computer at Home. Whether you are looking to outsource your whole IT function or have us provide additional IT Resource, Coded Point can work with you to achieve your IT Goals.


We identify the IT Hurdles your Business and Users are facing, review current IT Systems and listen to your Goals for the Future. We then Design and Implement Solutions so you can achieve your Growth plans, whilst also providing On-Going Support should you need us. This approach is what sets us apart from our competition. 

Why Choose Us

Our Commitment to you
Customer Service
New Approach
No Technical Jargon

We pride ourselves on our excellent Customer Service, critical when choosing the right IT Partner to keep your business moving. 

We will never use technical jargon, taking the time to explain everything in detail ensuring you have the full picture. 

We have years of experience in IT and we keep up to date with changes through ongoing training.

We do things differently. Just because its always been done a certain way, doesn't mean it should be done the same way going forward.

Understand the Requirements
Provide the Best Recommendations
Setting you up for Growth

Ensure that we understand your requirements so that you get the most from your IT. No matter how big or small.

We will never recommend or sell a solution that isn't a good fit for your business. Your investment must meet your needs and solve the problem.

As your business grows your IT needs to be able to keep up, otherwise it will end up holding you back.

Whether you work with us for one project, one hardware purchase or on an ongoing support basis we will ensure that you receive the best customer service and provide you with the best recommendations so you can make informed decisions. We use the best, cutting edge technology to keep your users working whilst reducing the number of IT Support Tickets. 

Our Partners

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Our Values


We believe Security is the most important part of any IT Infrastructure. Protecting the data of employees and customers. Security should be built in from the ground up rather than added at the end.


Build connections with our customers and team. Have conversations that empower new thinking. Take everyones views into account, irrelevant of position or title and listen to specialists with experience to solve problems and make effective decisions.


Out of the Box thinking and finding ways to do things better than how they have been done in the past. We don't mind if it is unconventional or different.


Working together to create enhanced and secure IT Environments. Only by working together can we produce the best end result. Treating everyone with respect and utilising the strengths of others.


Empowering our team to create and provide their best work and space to learn and develop. Taking responsibility and encourage customers to utilise their IT Investments to there full potential. 


Using the tools and solutions available to produce the greatest output at the highest level of quality. Finding solutions and methods to increase productivity and make tasks easier to complete.