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Integrate Apple into your IT with JAMF.

Coded Point specialises in Integrating Apple Devices into Organisations so that they can benefit from improved Security, Performance and Productivity. JAMF has a range of products that allow you to easily manage your Mac Estate.

Download our guide to Integrating Apple with JAMF

See the Benefits

Improved Security

With Hardware and Software both developed by Apple your devices are more secure keeping you and your data protected. Security straight out of the box. Plus adding JAMF Protect can allow you to resolve Security Violations faster.

Easy Deployment

By using Zero Touch Technology in JAMF, IT Team's  can easily deploy devices to users and ensure that they meet your organisations security requirements. IT won't need to manually setup each device.

Increased Productivity

Users unbox their Device, turn it on, sign in and away they go. By using the reliable Apple operating systems and JAMF you can reduce the number of IT Support tickets, with the ability for users to install what they need when they need it.

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