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Every company has lots of data being accessed and stored each day. If this data were lost or damaged, even partially, it could render the business or organisation unable to operate. Having a robust backup strategy in place can help keep your business moving should something go wrong.

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Microsoft 365 Backups

Did you know that the data stored in your Microsoft365 Tenant isn't backed-up? Emails (Exchange), OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams data all at risk of data loss in the event of accidental or malicious deletion or data loss in the data centre itself. We provide backup solutions to backup all of the data stored in your Microsoft Tenant and allow you to implement data retention to keep the data you need for as long as you need it.

Server and Cloud Storage Backups

Whether you store your data on an on-site file server or in a Cloud Hosted Storage Solution, you need a robust Backup Strategy to plan for the worst. Backing up an onsite file server could mean backing up to a 2nd location or to the cloud. A Cloud Hosted solution may have a built in backup solution, but you may choose to backup to an onsite location or a different cloud storage solution. Which ever method works for you, the solution will be part of your Disaster Recovery Plan to keep your business moving.

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Device Backups

Do your users store data locally rather than on your Server or Cloud Solutions such as OneDrive? If so then this data could be at risk. If something was to happen to this device such as it being lost or stolen or the device suffers a hardware fault, this data could be lost. This would likely have an affect on your teams ability to work, but also depending on the data lost it could affect the wider company. Coded Point can provide solutions to automatically backup the data stored on devices protecting data, should the worst happen.

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