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Companies in the Financial Sector rely upon Security for the data that they hold and work on. From Banks and Building Societies, to Accounting Firms and Insurance Companies. The data these businesses hold range from Name and Address, to financial records such as Salaries, P&L and Balance Sheets.  But along with Security these businesses need to be able to work effectively and productively. 

Financial IT Solutions

Adopting Apple in the Financial Industry provided companies with the required Security but also the functionality and tools to work effectively. Apple Devices from iPhone, to iPad to Mac provide users with Security Measures such as opening data only in trusted locations to keep data and systems secure but also the power and tools to be productive such as Collaboration tools being able to run Zoom, teams and Webex to connect with customers anywhere on the planet with high quality Video and Microphone capabilities. Apple Devices can also be leased to provider a higher return on investment, where devices can be refreshed regularly to keep users working on the latest technology, without breaking the bank. 

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With Banks and financial companies operating worldwide, businesses need to manage these devices wherever their team is working. Deploy devices to users directly out of the box, without IT having to setup and configure devices first. Allow users to install whitelisted Applications and resources without having to create a support ticket and patch devices and applications centrally without having to spend time out of hours to keep your fleet of devices up to date. 

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With financial companies operating and supporting customers in so many different locations staying connected to your Team and customers and being able to have secure communication is vital. The Zoom Unified Communications platform allows users to connect with colleagues, customers and suppliers from anywhere within the secure Zoom Unified Communication Platform, via Meetings, Phone, Conference Room and events. Maybe you want to have a video call with a customer or a Conference call with multiple offices or host an event on your new product or service. Coded Point are Zoom Partners allowing us to help you get the most out of your investment.

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