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The Creative Sector is fast paced and your IT needs to be able to keep up with demand. Companies with systems that aren't up to to job risk reputation damage or lost sales if deadlines from customers are missed. IT for the Creative Sector is our speciality at Coded Point, as it allows us to develop Creative Solutions to problems faced by businesses. Take a look below at how we can help your Creative Business.


Apple in Business. For a Creative Company there are no better devices than Apple Devices. Whether you are running the Adobe Creative Suite or building the Next Big App, Apple devices support Marketing, Advertisings and Digital Agencies, Architects, Web and App Development, Product Design and Film and TV. iPhone, iPad and Mac allow teams to seamlessly work on any device allowing you to capture video or take a picture on iPhone, take notes or make Sketches on iPad or develop and build an App on Mac. By adopting the Apple Eco System you set your team up for success and give them the devices with enough power to complete the task at hand. 

Read More about how we can help your business adopt Apple

Take a look at how the new Apple Silicon Devices power teams in the Creative Sector.


Use JAMF to Deploy and Manage your Apple Fleet. All devices inside your organisation need to be effectively deployed and managed. With the Creative Sector being fast paced you need to be able to deploy devices quickly as your team grows to meet demand, but you also need to keep these devices up to date to prevent any security issues. JAMF allows you to quickly deploy devices to users and allow them to install whitelisted applications. You can then deploy updates centrally to all users, allowing them to update at a time of their choosing, with a deadline to ensure compliance or push out the update automatically. JAMF Helps businesses support device whether you have 10 devices or 1000. 

Read more about how JAMF can help your business. 


Creative companies work on huge files everyday and companies need a solution that can handle this workload. Dropbox can help companies store all the data for the different projects that they are working on and hold any projects that they are working on in the past. Files are stored centrally to be accessed by different users and files can be downloaded when required to free up space on a users local device. Users can also work on files together to add collaboration to each project and task. 

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