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Deploying devices securely but effectively can be challenging. For organisations this can even involve setting up each device manually to the same specification taking up time that could be spent elsewhere. By implementing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution you can speed up the process of deploying devices and reduce the time your IT team spends managing device deployments to get users working faster, resulting in time and efficiency savings as well as an increase in productivity.

What is an MDM Solution?

A MDM (Mobile Device Manager) Solution helps business deploy and manage devices at scale, whether you have 10 devices or 1000 devices. Deploy devices directly to users without the need for IT to spend hours configuring the device. Allow users to install applications and resources that have already been approved by IT and give them the ability to patch and update their applications and devices without impacting productivity. A MDM Solution helps organisations quickly and easily manage their devices and give users the tools that they need to be productive reducing the number of IT Support requests. 

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How can a MDM Improve your Device Deployments?

In the past IT would need to setup and configure each device manually resulting in hours worth of work per device, time that could be spent more effectively. By using a MDM Solution, IT can set the device configuration in the MDM (such as JAMF Pro or Microsoft Intune) and the user can unbox their device, turn it on and sign in. No need for the device to go to IT first. This saves both IT and the end-user time, increasing productivity. 

Managing Application Deployments and Patches

Your users most likely have a whole range of Applications that they use day to day. But there is likely to be times when a user needs a tool they haven't used before or you are deploying new tools for your team. You can allow the user to install pre-approved applications from your own app store, removing the need for users to create a support ticket with IT for these applications to be installed.


When it comes to patching these applications, are you having to manage these patches one at a time, or deploying them automatically resulting in out of hours work to keep your fleet of devices up to date? If so you can deploy Patches for your applications and allow the user to update at a time that suits them, to remove any disruption. You can also set a deadline to install the patch if the user hasn't manually updated to ensure that your fleet is compliant. 

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Process Consultation

Deployment isn’t always about the technical side of IT. Your company or organisation probably uses lots of different tools. We can help put deployment processes and checklists in place to ensure that when a new user starts they have all the tools they need from day one. Then if they need access to additional tools and software they either already have access or it can be deployed to them easily.

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