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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity is vital to any business. Its what helps ensure that you can continue operating and get back to normal to minimise damage to your business. 

Business Continuity

Keeping your Moving.

Business Continuity is the process of keeping your IT Systems operational in the event that something goes wrong. This usually involves implementing backup solutions and systems so that your users still have access to data when needed.

Our Business Continuity Services help you identify and implement the best Solutions to have in place should something go wrong. This doesn't necessarily mean that these systems will be running all the time, but they'll be there to be called on, if needed. This could be a backup File Server, Email Continuity or replacement devices all that can be activated to get your team working again.

Business Continuity
Disaster Recovey

Disaster Recovery

Getting you back to normal.

Disaster Recovery is used to get your default systems back to primary use. If you have to invoke secondary systems you could be using backup tools so that your business continues to operate. But they may not be as effective as what you had in place prior to the incident. 

We can help get your normal systems fully operational again or look to implement replacements should the need arise. For example copying back any newly modified data back to the primary source. 

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