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Whether your working on a big or small project, you rely on technology to keep things moving. Whether that be communicating with Contractors, putting together designs or making notes of tasks that are still outstanding. Coded Point can help you develop your IT Systems to help your team succeed with all your projects whether that be from Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Automotive or Civil. 

Engineering IT Solutions

Mac and iPad. Companies are using mobile apps to manage projects. Instead of large blueprints or piles of paper, workers can carry around an iPad with either an off the shelf or custom built app. Timesheets, maintenance tasks and safety reports can all be accessed easily from within a mobile app, speeding up time it takes to complete admin tasks and ensuring that the data is stored centrally and backed-up. Use the Camera to take pictures on an iPad and these pictures straight to the project documentation without having to import pictures from a separate Camera and upload the pictures when you get back to the office. 

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Dropbox can help engineering companies centrally store all of their project files and allow teams to work on files at the same time. Update Project documentation or budgets or refer to and amend designs when with a customer. Dropbox is a cloud based solution so users aren't affected with connection issues usually found with on-premise solutions allowing teams access to the data when they need it even when they are on-site. 

Alternatively you can use Microsoft365, with OneDrive and SharePoint Cloud File Storage along with Emails (Exchange) and Microsoft teams for Phone and Meetings. Coded Point can provide you and your businesses with the correct Microsoft365 Licensing for your business and your users can still access all the files they need to wherever they are working and work on files with colleagues, customers and suppliers. 


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