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Working from Home

Hybrid and Remote Working

Many companies are adopting hybrid and remote working. This throws a few challenges for both IT and Business Leaders. How to keep your data and systems secure when your team are working in different locations, but also how to ensure the team stays connected, productive and effective.

Our 3 Components to Hybrid Working

Adopting Hybrid and Remote working doesn't need to affect your
IT Security.

Implementing Apple Devices

At Coded Point we believe Apple is the option to get the best out of both worlds: Security and Productivity. With Security and Privacy built into the core of every device and software, your business is in safe hands. With high quality devices along with the immense power of the Apple M1 chip you set up every user for success.



When deploying Apple devices remotely you need to ensure that they are setup correctly; to ensure that the device and data is secure and get the user working as quickly as possible. You also need the ability to deploy new applications and patch existing ones where ever they are. JAMF will allow you to deploy and manage your devices wherever you users are working.

Security Tools

Along with tools like JAMF to secure your devices, we also recommend Anti Virus and Data Loss Prevention tools. To keep the data on your devices secure. As well as Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection, to keep your Microsoft365 data secure. This help you to manage and monitor how your users are interacting with data and look to prevent issues before they occur.


Cloud Based Storage Solutions

You may use an onsite file storage solution. Your users may be connected to it all day, but are affected dropouts. The advantage of working with a cloud based solution is that it provides a seamless experience. You can also choose a cloud space for internal users only or you can choose a solution that allows you to share certain files externally.

Unified Communications

Communication is key, especially when your team is working from lots of different locations. Whether you need Conferencing, Telephony or both our solutions help you keep your team connected. We can also implement solutions for your office so that users working in the office at the time of the call can join in a meeting room rather from individual devices.

Video Conference
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