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Our Infrastructure solutions are designed with 3 core principles. Security First, we believe there is nothing more important than protecting data and users. Second the systems must be User Friendly, your IT shouldn't affect end user productivity. Third they must be cost effective, IT solutions have to work within your budgets. 


Integrating Apple

We believe that integrating Apple into your environment is the best way to improve productivity and reduce the number of support tickets. 


At Coded Point security is the first priority. That’s why any solution that we recommend or implement has security built in from the ground up not added in afterwards. When it comes to Security we never compromise.

Work Desk
Video Conference

Unified Communications

Whether your looking for a reliable, easy to use and single solution for your Communication needs or a solution that supports your adoption of Remote and Hybrid Working, our range of Unified Communication Solutions are built to keep you connected.


Deploying devices shouldn't be difficult. Our range of solutions help you deploy devices easily and at any scale, even with the most complex of setups. Whether you are replacing hardware or setting up a new user we can help to speed up onboarding and get your team working faster. 

Computer with Graph


There are a variety of scenarios where your company is at risk of downtime and data loss: Cyber Attack, Natural Disaster, Power Failure or human error. Having backups can keep you operating should something go wrong.

Networks, File Storage and Cloud

Our Network, File Storage and Cloud solutions are built for any setup and requirement. Whether you want to be more cloud focused but have onsite backups or vice versa or you want a fully cloud or onsite approach our team can help implement the infrastructure that works best for you.

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