Integrating Apple

When we are asked about how best to improve Security, Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness in one go, we always recommend Apple. This is because Apple make both the hardware and software to ensure that they both work in complete harmony. By giving your users Apple devices they have the power needed to get the job done.


Hardware and Software

Apple Hardware and Software working together helps create a joined up experience for users. Their extensively tested Operating Systems joined with their work on privacy, helps reduce the number of IT tickets that your users raise. Apple Hardware and Software also works the same whether you are a personal or corporate user, making it easier and quicker to get your teams working.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security are built in as standard. It’s a core value for both Coded Point and Apple. On Device Encryption as well as TouchID and FaceID and additional features made available through the use of an MDM solution, ensure any data stored on your Device is secure. Security isn't an add-on, its built into the very core of every Apple device and piece of software. That’s why it is very rarely a hinderance for users.


Easy Deployment

Whether you are deploying a whole fleet of Apple Devices or are onboarding a new user, Zero Touch Technology can help make the process quicker. Utilising Apple Business Manager and MDM Solutions such as JAMF you can ship devices directly to users whilst ensuring they are configured correctly and are secure from the outset.


Apple devices are unchallenged when it comes to productivity. With a growing usage in all industries not just creative. Whether your using a single Apple Device or the full Apple Eco System you can take advantage of increased productivity.