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Whatever your IT needs, Coded Point have a solution for you. Whether its something out of the box or a custom solution.

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IT Support

Whether your looking for IT Support, looking to implement IT Infrastructure for your growth plans or to allow your team to work more effectively. Coded Point also works with brands such as Microsoft, Apple, Dell and many more to provide you with Hardware and Software Solutions.

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Hardware & Software Procurement

Working with a number of leading technology brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, HP and Developers such as Acronis, Barracuda and Dropbox to provide your business with with the tools you need to succeed. 

Business Email

Microsoft365 is used by over a million companies worldwide making it one of the most popular Cloud Productivity Platform. Coded Point can provide licences and help you get setup as well as help migrate your data from your old platform.

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Deploying devices shouldn't be difficult. Coded Point has a range of solutions to help you deploy devices easily and at any scale, even with the most complex of setups. Whether you are replacing hardware or setting up a new user Coded Point can help to speed up onboarding and get your team working faster. 


There are a variety of scenarios where your company is at risk of downtime and data loss: Cyber Attack, Natural Disaster, Power Failure or human error. Having backups can keep you operating should something go wrong.

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File Storage

Whether your looking to replace you on-premise server and free up space or add reliability by migrating your file storage needs to the cloud, Coded Point has a solution for you. Working with Dell and Cloud Solution Dropbox.


Securing your IT Infrastructure is vital to protecting your company and its data. Whether its upgrading your AntiVirus, adding Email and Spam Protection or integrating a Data Loss Prevention tool to ensure that your data doesn't get into the wrong hands.

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Automation is quickly becoming a key part of any IT Infrastructure, to make processes quicker and save time for your team. Power Automate from Microsoft is a key tool to achieve these goals.

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