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IT Procurement

Coded Point works with a wide range of Manufacturers and Developers in the IT space to provide you with the hardware, software and solutions you need to operate effectively. From Laptops, Desktops and Monitors, Microsoft365 and Cloud Storage, Backup and Security.


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Coded Point works with a number of different Manufactures to provide you with the hardware you need. Whether that be to grow your team or an upgrade to your existing Infrastructure. Coded Point can also help configure each piece of hardware to get you up and running quickly. 

Leasing Solutions can also be offered on purchases, spreading the cost and in some cases reducing the overall cost as opposed to purchasing upfront. Your hardware can then be refreshed at the end of the agreement. 

Coded Point are able to offer Products and Solutions from Apple, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, and Dell. Working with this wide number of Manufacturers means Coded Point will have a solution to meet all your IT Hardware needs.


Software and Licensing

Coded Point are able to provide licences from a large number of Developers including Microsoft, JAMF, Barracuda, Acronis, Sophos and many more. Take a look below at some of our highlight subscriptions, software and licences.

Microsoft365: Email, File Storage and Meetings. Every organisation uses Email, and Microsoft365 can provide you with a professional email address for you and your team as well as Cloud Storage for teams and individuals and access to Microsoft Teams for meetings and calls. 

Barracuda: Email Protection & Backup, Application, Cloud and Network Security. If you use Microsoft365, then you probably hold the majority of your organisations data with Microsoft, but this isn't backed up, posing a huge risk to your business. Barracuda Provide Microsoft365, Backup and Security solutions to protect your team and data. 

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