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Do you have Apple Devices that you are currently managing individually? Setting up, installing software and application patches one by one? Device Management can be time consuming and doesn't provide a great end user experience. JAMF allows you to seamlessly deploy devices, applications and patches centrally and remotely managing multiple devices in one go. Providing a great experience for both end-users and IT.

JAMF and Coded Point

Coded Point are specialists in Apple setups and Deployments because we believe that integrating Apple Devices best meets our mission to provide a better end-user experience increasing Productivity and Security. Whether you have a basic or complex setup Coded Point can work with you to ensure that all your requirements are covered. 

Coded Point have seen first hand how using JAMF Improves the IT setup for both users and IT. Reducing workloads and giving users the tools they need when they need them.


JAMF Pro helps IT Teams centrally manage their devices. Deploy Applications, Patches and Printers or Configure devices by adding Wifi or VPN Connections. 

Run Inventory reports to send to management and check compliance of devices with your security policies quickly and easily. 


Deploy Macs faster and more securely by having users authenticate with a Cloud Identity Provider and Reduce Password reset requests as users can use the same credentials they use to authenticate with other systems to authenticate with their Mac. When passwords change JAMF Connect prompts the user to update their local Mac Password.


Protect your Devices with an Endpoint Security solution built specifically for Mac. 

Maintain Compliance, address Anti Virus with Malware Security, Control Mac Applications and Detect and Remediate threats all whilst having minimal impact on the device and end-user performance.

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