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In this flexible age, IT Departments need the ability to easily provision devices and ensure that they are secured. But by binding an Apple device to active directory this can cause complications for the end user. By leveraging JAMF Connect you can simplify this process and create a great experience for your end users. 


Cloud Identity

Your users are logging into their devices from a variety of different networks. This causes security concerns for IT Departments. JAMF Connect will use the username and password from a Cloud Identity Provider to authenticate with devices and allows you to monitor and track access to your devices. This also allows you to set password policies and IT can set the permissions of your end users account from your Cloud Identity Provider.

User and Device Provisioning

JAMF Connect provides end users with a simple process to get going with their new Mac. The user simply needs to open the box, power on the Mac and sign in. This provides a great user experience for end users and allows IT to focus on other tasks rather than setting up each device manually.

You can also incorporate Multi Factor Authentication to increase security and confirm that the user is authorised to sign in.


Easy Password Management

Password resets are the most common helpdesk request for IT Admins. But by using JAMF Connect and leveraging Cloud Identity, your users can ensure that their cloud password and local Mac password always remain in sync. So they only have one set of credentials to remember and by integrating your Cloud Identity Provider with your other core systems these same credentials can be used for those tools as well. 

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