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Through the use of Zero Touch Technology you can deploy Devices, Applications and Security without input from IT. Your IT team simply sets the configuration in JAMF, ships the device to the user and the user opens the box, turns on the device and signs in. Applications and other configurations can then either be deployed automatically or via your companies own internal App store using Self Service.

Device Inventory

IT can keep an eye on your fleet by utilising dashboards to see whether your configurations, applications and patches are being deployed without issue. Each device has its own record so you can get all the information you need for each device in one place. Whether that be the devices encryption status, model or assigned user.

You can also create Static and Smart Groups to scope profiles and policies to, for example applying a macOS update to anyone not on the latest version. 


Patch Management

Ensuring your applications are patched as new versions are released is crucial to ensuring the security of your IT environment. But deploying updates for all your applications across all devices can be time consuming. By using JAMF’s Patch Management functionality you can deploy updates for your applications either automatically or via Self Service. You can then set a deadline for the user to update their applications, before it is automatically installed.

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