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An Endpoint Security Solution built for Mac. At Coded Point, IT Security is our number one priority. Apple Operating Systems are amongst the best in the market for security, however with attackers constantly finding new ways to compromise IT Systems additional systems is vital for IT Departments.


JAMF Protect gives you the ability to defend macOS against the most sophisticated attacks, adapting quickly to your environment. Minimise downtime with alerts for actions on your network with malicious intent. Whilst also giving you the ability to carry out a thorough investigation with ease.

Meet your compliance requirements

Meet your security and compliance needs with JAMF Protect. Use remediation on any devices that are found to be out of scope of your companies security requirements. Reduce the risk by ensuring that your devices have the correct security profiles in place.


JAMF Protect can meet your needs in an antivirus solution with visibility of Mac specific threats and prevent known malware from being able to run on your devices. JAMF Protect can also quarantine devices with potential malware so that they can be investigated. Admins can also configure JAMF Protect to prevent the launch of unauthorised software to ensure that you know exactly what is installed on your devices.


Once your IT Admins have been alerted of security issues and violations, isolate machines, resolve issues and get your users working again as quickly as possible. Using JAMF Protect with JAMF Pro and Connect you can resolve issues quickly and remotely.

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