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Coded Point Limited Announces Reseller and Referral Partnerships with Zoom Video Communications Inc.

Improving Communications and helping businesses succeed with Zoom.

At a time where Remote and Hybrid working is on the rise, the need to connect and communicate with colleagues and customers is all the more important. Employees need to be able to communicate easily without hurdles thrown their way, in the form of a bad user experience, poor call quality or limited flexibility in this new era of work. Whether teams need to discuss a project internally or a sales call with a customer, a working Unified Communication system is vital to completing a project on time, securing a sale or discussing an organisations future growth.

Zoom offers a variety of different products to help organisations succeed with their communication needs, from Meetings to Phone and Chat to Webinars. Zoom’s Unified Communication Platform is built on the Cloud from the ground up. Whether you just use one of Zoom’s Products or the whole Platform you can rely on Zoom for all your communication needs.

Have a one to one phone call with a colleague using Zoom Phone and turn this into a Meeting so that you are able to share a presentation, or start your meeting on Zoom Rooms so that your team in the office can all join from one place and connect to other participants working from home.

“Zoom is vital to our mission to build IT Environments that work, are easy to use and secure. We don’t believe that users should be hindered by systems that don’t work, are hard to use or provide a poor end user experience. Users don’t want to have to start a call 15 minutes early just to ensure that the call is working before a customer joins or not have the flexibility to work where and how they want to. Zoom gives users confidence that their calls can start and finish without issue and allows you to work anywhere and on any device as long as you have an internet or mobile data connection. Integrate your other systems such as Outlook, Slack and Zendesk into Zoom to have a better workflow and add hardware from Poly and Yealink to transform your meetings and phone calls.” says Adam Street, Sales Director, Coded Point.

Customers that switch to zoom report an increase of 95% in performance, 95% report a greater sense of trust, 95% report a greater sense of engagement and 85% saw an increase in video usage.

Gone are the days where legacy Communications platforms are holding you and your team back from effective communication and future growth.

If you would like to know more about how Zoom can help you communicate more effectively contact us today by going to:

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