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How Barracuda helps a Remote and Hybrid Workforce

Remote and Hybrid Working can throw additional IT Security Challenges and Barracuda rises to these challenges with a range of products to help protect your Network, Users and Data

As we know the transition to Remote and Hybrid Working has thrown a number of new challenges at business leaders and IT Teams. From ensuring that users have what they need to effectively work from home, to being able to maintain devices when they are no longer all in one place. But the additional challenge Remote and Hybrid Working is throwing at business leaders and IT, is how is IT Security impacted. Part of this is ensuring that the day to day is still taking place such as patching devices, but the other part is around how we communicate. With users talking with colleagues, customers and suppliers face to face less, more and more communication is taking place via email.

A Barracuda Report found that:

  • 51% of organisations have had at least one data breach or cybersecurity incident since shifting to remote working

  • 43% lacked IT resources or time to upgrade their IT infrastructure in the shift to a remote working model

  • 49% of respondents said their employees are not properly trained in the cyber risks associated with remote working.

These statistics highlight the risk companies are taking when it comes to protecting their IT Infrastructure for Remote and Hybrid Working. The damage that can be done by a data breach or cybersecurity incident can have a huge negative impact on a business. With the effects ranging from being unable to operate, loss of trust, lawsuits and reputation damage to name a few.

However by implementing Security Solutions such as the ones that we highlight below from Barracuda can decrease the risk and provide protection for your IT Systems.

With many companies now communicating via email, it is vital that you have the correct protection in place. Barracuda offers multiple products that can help you with this.

Spam and Email Protection:

Identify and block emails that are spam or contain viruses and malware. Barracuda Spam and Malware Protection includes tools such as scanning emails for viruses, Spam Scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection and other techniques to identify potentially harmful emails and ensure that the correct action is taken to protect users, data and infrastructure.

Attachment Protection:

A lot of the emails that we receive contain attachments. Maybe its an invoice or quote, or maybe a screenshot with details of a problem. Most attachments are likely to be ok, but some attachments could be sent to you with malicious intent. This is where Attachment Protection from Barracuda comes in. They combine behavioural, heuristic and sandboxing to protect against attachment vulnerabilities. Attachment protection will use a sandbox environment to detonate the attachment and observe the behaviour on any attachments that are deemed suspicious.

Link Protection:

Links are added to emails all the time and can have a huge impact on the security of your IT Infrastructure. By using Barracuda Email protection, Barracuda will automatically re-write URL’s in a sandbox at the time the link is clicked to block malicious links.

Email Continuity:

If your default email server is unavailable, you can use Email Continuity as part of Barracuda’s email protection to let users continue to send and receive emails to keep them productive until the primary servers are back online.

Data Loss Prevention:

Crucial to ensuring that only data that should be sent outside the organisation actually is. Use Data Loss Prevention from Barracuda to prevent data such as Credit Card numbers, customer lists and other private information from being sent via email. Policies are able to automatically encrypt, quarantine, or block certain outbound emails based on the content, sender or recipient.


Above are just a few of the products and features built into Barracuda’s email protection, however there is a lot more to protect you and your team from potential security breaches or violations relating to emails. Email threats and scams are a constant threat to businesses, it takes just one user to click a link or open an attachment to have serious implications on your ability to operate and the security of the data you hold. Your product designs/Intellectual property, marketing strategy, personal data of employees and customers could all be affected if emails are not properly protected.

If you would like to find out more about how Barracuda can help, contact us for a discussion on your email security.

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