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How does Zoom Improve the end-user experience?

Move to Zoom and schedule and join calls with ease to increase productivity.

Moving your Communications over to Zoom can provide you and your team with benefits such as better more reliable communication, time savings when scheduling and joining calls as well as one solution and app for all your communication needs. The Zoom Products are designed with a video first approach, but also to enable teams to work where and how they want. This sets them apart from other Unified Communication platforms and makes Zoom a great solution for any workforce.

So how does Zoom improve the end-user experience?

One Touch to Join:

At the time of the meeting in your Mobile or Desktop App or in a Zoom Room you can just click “Start” or “Join” and you will be connected to the call, when already signed into the Zoom App. No need to enter meeting ID’s or Passwords or have to start the call 15 minutes in advance to ensure that you are correctly connected. Alternatively for users that don’t want to sign into the App, they can just click the link in your meeting invite to open the Zoom App or Web Browser to join or start a call.

Easy Scheduling:

Zoom integrates with Microsoft365 and Google Workplace to allow you to easily schedule and setup calls. Simply create the meeting invite as you would normally and use the Zoom Plugin for your respective email provider to add the Zoom Call details. You will need to sign into to the plugin with your Zoom Credentials if you haven’t used the plugin before, but after that, call details can be added at a click of a button. This saves users time as you don’t need to setup the meeting in two different places and copy the call details over to the meeting invite.

One App for Meetings, Chat, Webinar and Phone.

The Zoom Mobile and Desktop App puts the Zoom Meetings, Chat, Webinar and Phone all in one place so you don’t need separate Apps for different products making it easy to work with Zoom. If you have booked a space on a Webinar hosted on Zoom these call details will be in your calendar allowing you to join the webinar in one click, the same goes for joining or starting a meeting. But you can also schedule and setup meetings directly from the Zoom App or start Ad-hoc meetings and invite other Zoom Users in your companies tenant or copy the meeting link to send via email or another method.

Zoom Phone also sits within your Zoom App. Allowing you to answer calls when they come in, listen to your voicemail, see your call history and make calls either from your contacts or entering the number using the keypad. This then allows you to elevate the call to a Zoom Meeting and have full control over your phone calls.

Zoom Chat allows you to have instant messaging conversations with colleagues that have an account in your Zoom Tenant. Send messages, files, screenshots and emojis over Zoom Chat. There are occasions where you have a question for a colleague and its not urgent so isn’t worth having a Zoom Meeting or Phone call but doesn’t necessarily need an email. Zoom Chat fits in the middle allowing you to remain connected with your teams.

Zoom also isn’t tied by on premise hardware and has been designed to work anywhere. Some other cloud based solutions don’t provide the same level of call quality or stability as Zoom. By using Zoom you have high quality video and audio as well as an easy to use platform to keep users productive.


Zoom Integrates with a number of other apps to help you use Zoom with ease, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workplace,, Atlassian Jira, as well as Zapier. By Integrating with these solutions you make certain tasks easier. For example if you are having a Slack Conversation but need to have a quick screen share you can start a Zoom Meeting straight from Slack and let the other participants in your Slack conversation join, as a link is added straight away. Or when you want to call someone over Microsoft Teams you can use the Zoom Integration so that when you click call, it calls via Zoom. These integrations give users the Zoom Experience in other commonly used tools and can help keep tasks simple. Without the Zoom Integration in Slack, you would need to go into Zoom to manually create a meeting and invite users, taking longer than entering a command into Slack. Or you would need to create a calendar event in your Microsoft365 or Google Workplace Calendar.

Zoom Rooms Wireless Content Sharing

Quite often when in a Zoom Call users will want to share their screen to review a presentation, document or something else. On other unified communications solutions you would need to connect cables to your device to share content. With Zoom Rooms you can wirelessly share your screen and content to the Zoom Room, allowing everyone on the call to see your content. No cables required.


Zoom is the perfect tool to allow users to work effectively, removing the hurdles users face with traditional conferencing, meeting and phone solutions. By using Integrations with Zoom your apps work together to simplify tasks and provide a great experience. With the technology now available and by using these integrations you can work with multiple solutions all from a single App. No need to go into certain applications to complete tasks. Zoom gives you high quality audio and video as well as an easy to use platform. Ease of use is vital in the modern world of work. You need your whole team to be able to use your systems and be able to use them effectively. You also need a solution that is reliable whether you are having a one to one conversation or an important pitch, you can rely on Zoom to take care of your communication needs.

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