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How Zoom adapted to support Remote and Hybrid Working

How new functionality can improve the employee experience and ensure that everyone is included.

2020 saw a huge shift to Remote Working, whilst 2021 saw the introduction of Hybrid working as companies start returning to the office but also allowing their teams the flexibility to work from home. The Remote and Hybrid working model comes in many forms of either fully remote, set days at home and in the office or giving employees the choice of which days they work at home and which ones they spend in the office. But this level of flexibility requires IT Solutions that can support the different setups. IT needs to ensure that those working in the office have the same tools and opportunities as those working from home and vice versa.

Although many developers and manufacturers of IT Solutions already supported remote and hybrid workforces within their product portfolio, they are starting to add new functionality to improve the experience for users and allow for an increase in productivity to ensure that all users are given the same opportunities.

Zoom has been at the forefront, offering new functionality within its product line up. A study conducted by Envoy found that out of a 1000 Full and Part Time employees in the US, results showed that 73% of respondents were worried about returning to the office. The study also found that half of people would look to leave their job if their employer didn’t take their health and safety seriously. Those surveyed, identified three main concerns. Not knowing if someone in the office is unwell, too many people in the office at once and lack of proper ventilation. This would support the need for solutions that allow users to work anywhere, so that each individual has the ability to work where they feel most comfortable. Let’s take a look at some functionality that has helped improve the remote and hybrid experience.

Virtual Receptionist.

Have your team welcome guests safely and allow your front desk team to work from anywhere, with Zoom’s kiosk mode. Visitors to your office can simply tap and be connected to one of your team all done over Zoom. Once they have been connected, your team can help visitors from anywhere and deliver a great first impression.

Digital Signage and Hotdesking.

Many employees are looking to split their time between home and office and this means that

they may be making use of a hotdesk setup. By using Zoom Rooms Scheduling Displays, employees can book their space in advance. This can then provide visibility of available resources.

Voice Commands

Coming soon to all platforms you can start a meeting with a Zoom Room using Voice Commands. Upon entering a meeting room, users can simply say “Zoom Start my Meeting” without the need to touch in room controllers. You can also use Alexa for Business on Zoom Room Appliances.

In Room People counting

Zoom Rooms Scheduling Displays have been enhanced to show the number of people within a

meeting room to ensure that Social Distancing Requirements are met. The Zoom Room Camera will constantly monitor the number of people in the room and display the count on the scheduling display. Rooms will also report on Room occupancy over time in the Zoom Rooms Dashboard to make it easier to track and enforce occupancy policies.

Companion Mode for Zoom Rooms.

Users have the ability to pair their personal devices to a Zoom Room and use their own device to control the meeting rather than touching the in Room Controller. Once paired users can manage all of the room controls.

Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery

Ensure that the personal touch is not lost when using Zoom Rooms. On traditional Conferencing Tools all in room participants are shown in one frame, usually from a distance removing the personal touch that you have when participants join from individual devices. With compatible hardware you can now have each participant in the room displayed in their own frame, with a close up view like you would from individual devices. So all participants in a room are shown individually. Then as people leave or enter the room, the camera adjusts the participants on display to add or remove participants.


Collaborate with others like you were there in person, even if you are not. Zoom’s White-boarding functionality is great for collaborative brainstorms. Users can collaborate from their desktop application, mobile device or Zoom for Touch devices. Whiteboards can easily be saved to a Zoom Chat or shared via email for reference.

Zoom for Home:

Deploy Zoom for home devices to your users to bring the Zoom Meeting Experiences right into your home office. With an easy setup and management you can spend more time face to face with your team. You can also turn your existing TV into a Zoom Room allowing you to join meetings with a single touch.

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