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How Zoom Phone Empowers Organisations to adopt Remote and Hybrid Work?

A Telephony Solution that ensures you can make and receive calls wherever you are working.

What is Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone is a cloud based telephony solution that makes up part of the Zoom Video Communications Platform. It allows users to make and receive calls from mobile, desktop and certain desk-phones, from any location as long as you have an internet or mobile data connection.

How can Zoom Phone Empower my company to adopt a Remote or Hybrid Work approach?

Organisations need a flexible telephony solution that allows teams to work where and how they want to and the ability to adapt the systems as required (for example re-routing calls). At the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic many organisations struggled to answer calls when their team was working from home. This resulted in lost sales, annoyed customers and damaged reputations. Zoom Phone works anywhere with a mobile data or internet connection and on any device (Mobile, Desktop or Selected Desk phones) This means that you can ensure your calls are always answered. Zoom Phone will provide high quality audio and ensures that your team can make and receive calls whether they are working from whether that is at home, the office or somewhere else.

Zoom also has a host of built in features to ensure calls are answered. Some are fairly standard features available in most systems, but what sets Zoom apart is the ease of use, ability to have a variety of different setup options and the ability to quickly adapt Zoom Phone as needed to suit your organisations needs.

Provide users with Direct Dials numbers so that callers can go straight through to the user they wish to speak to. Customise your users default outbound caller ID and enable them to change it based on the situation. Use Auto Attendants to reduce spam calls but also so that if the caller knows the extension number of the person they wish to speak to, they can enter this to bypass reception, this reduces the cost of having to buy multiple phone numbers. Auto Attendants are also great if you want to be able to direct callers to different departments, for example press one for accounting and 2 for technical. This helps the caller get to where they want to get to faster, improving the experience, but also helps your team out, otherwise all calls have got to go through to reception and quite often transferred multiple times to get to the right place.

Call Queues allow callers whether they be internal or external to call a group of people. This is most common on reception or department lines. Each call queue has an extension so it can be dialled directly by internal users (to call IT or Accounts), the result of an option on an auto attendant, forwarded from your phone numbers or the caller can enter the extension number of the call queue at the auto attendant stage. Depending on how you have Zoom Phone setup the call queue will distribute numbers differently. You can have all phones in that call queue ring at the same time and wait for the first person to answer, call only available users, Rotate between members or go to the user that has been idle the longest. If calls just went through to one person there is an increased chance that a call would be missed, but if it goes to a group of users, this reduces the risk of a missed call.

Transfer Calls between your users. Zoom Phone provides a number of different ways to achieve this. A Warm Transfer, this option is useful if you want to speak to the receiving party before your call is transferred. A Blind Transfer will immediately transfer the call to the number and hang up your call. If there are any menu prompts on the receiving number the original caller will have to complete those. The line will continue to ring until the call is answered or it will follow the settings the user has set on their extension for example going to voicemail or transfer to another extension. Alternatively calls can be transferred direct to voicemail if the intended user isn’t available, so the caller can leave a message for the user to call them back.

If activated on your Zoom Account users can play, delete and save voicemail messages but also customise their settings to disable voicemail during business or closed hours. You can share access to your voicemail inbox so that other users can pick up any messages left for you. But you can also have your voicemails transcribed into text for you to read rather than having them played out loud.

Zoom phone works on selected hardware from a number of vendors for example Poly and Yealink, but for users that are working outside of the office they can answer calls on the mobile or desktop device all within the Zoom App. So any internal or external calls whether that be direct dials or via a call queue can be answered in or outside the office. This means that meetings, calls and chat are all managed within one app to keep things simple and easy to use for your team. For IT Admins Zoom Phone can be managed within the Zoom Admin Portal, the same portal to manage the whole Zoom Platform.

How can Zoom Phone work with other Zoom Products?

Zoom phone is one product within the Zoom Eco System and works seamlessly with other products for example Zoom Rooms and Zoom Meetings to provide a video first Unified Communications Platform.

A Zoom Phone call can easily be transferred to a desktop call, mobile call, video call or meeting room for a Unified Experience. This gives your users the flexibility to work how and where they want to. Transfer a phone call to a video call for a more personal experience or to a Zoom Room to share content.


Zoom Phone is an enterprise level telephony solution built for the future of work. Allowing teams to work how and where they want with the flexibility to customise the solution to meet your needs and adapt as your business changes.

Traditional Telephony solutions tend to be expensive, complicated and difficult to manage as well as not always providing a great user and caller experience or allow for the flexibility required in the new age or work. Zoom Phone solves all of these issues and is made even better when you adopt the whole Zoom Eco System.

Whether you have decided what your future of work will be, or you want to try out different options, Zoom can help you power your team. Users and organisations want to be able to work with systems that don’t hinder their productivity, to ensure that they are providing the best service for customers. Zoom is a solution that is designed to be easy to use and provide a great experience.

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