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How Zoom Rooms helps organisations adopt Hybrid Work.

Encourage users back to the office with Zoom Rooms.

What is a Zoom Room?

Zoom Rooms is a solution that transforms your meeting, conference and huddle spaces allowing attendees to join calls at the tap of a button. Modern workplaces for a hybrid working environment and brings HD Video collaboration into any space. Enable teams to interact with in-person and remote participants. Zoom Rooms makes it simple to start a meeting, book a room, or share content wirelessly.

How can I Book a Zoom Room.

Zoom Rooms can integrate with your Microsoft365 or Google Workplace tenants. This means any meeting rooms that you already have setup to be booked within these systems can be used by Zoom Rooms to provide a seamless experience. Once Zoom Rooms is setup and integrated, when scheduling your call, invite the meeting room and this will put the call details into the rooms meeting invite. Then at the time of the call simply walk into the Room and either Press Join on the Meeting Room Controller, Start the call from your mobile device or with compatible hardware say “Zoom Start my Meeting”

Alternatively you can use the Zoom Rooms Scheduling display located outside of meeting rooms to book the room out either straight away or at a certain time. Create or start a call directly from the Zoom Room controller, simply invite the other required participants. If you also use Zoom Phone, when you are in a Phone call you have the ability to elevate your phone call to a Zoom Room for one to one or group conversations, to share content or turn the phone call into a video call.

How does Zoom Rooms help us adopt a hybrid working approach?

Zoom Rooms encourages your team into the office by providing enterprise grade conference experiences at a fraction of the price of traditional conference room solutions. With everyone having calls instead of face to face meetings during the pandemic this is likely to remain for the most part, but when you have multiple people in the office joining the same call, from their own devices in the same room they are going to get feedback, alternatively participants all get around one users device, but this doesn’t provide a great experience, look professional, or follow social distancing guidelines. Zoom Rooms allows users in the office to join calls from one room, with everyone being able to be seen clearly and in their own space, without the need to have users huddle together to see a screen or be seen and heard.

Zoom has also released a host of new features recently that take Zoom Rooms to the next level. With compatible hardware you can use “Auto Focus” so that the camera focuses on the participants in the room and removes any space of the meeting room that no one is using. Making calls more personal and allowing you to see people more clearly. As people enter or leave the room, the camera will refocus to show everyone currently the current participants.

Zoom has also developed Smart Gallery, with compatible hardware, you can now have every participant in the room in their own frame, rather than all appearing in one frame. So if there are 4 people in a Zoom Room, each will get their own square on the screen for more personal conversations rather than one frame showing all four people. As with Auto Focus as people join or leave the meeting additional screens will be added or removed.

Zoom has also developed Zoom for Home. Similar to Zoom Rooms you can use hardware that allows you to make and receive calls, join scheduled or ad-hoc meetings and collaborate with other participants with white-boarding features all from dedicated hardware in your home. White-boarding is a new feature coming soon that allows you to annotate content and share with all participants, from Zoom Room or Home Hardware or from mobile devices such as tablets.

Use Scheduling Displays outside each meeting room to notify employees of when a meeting room is booked to ensure there are no conflicts, but also use them to book out free meeting rooms either straight away or for a time in the future. But Zoom has taken this one step further, by allowing these screens to show how many participants are in a room at any given time to comply with social distancing.

For users that adopt the whole Zoom Eco System (Meetings, Phone and Rooms) you set your team up for success. Allow teams to schedule calls and join them when they are working remotely, at their desk or in a meeting room.


Zoom Rooms works whether you adopt a Hybrid Approach or whether you are working full time in the office. Providing a great experience for participants to be able to join on quality equipment and ensure that everyone can be seen and heard. Traditional Conferencing Solutions can be expensive, difficult to setup and don’t always provide a great user experience. Poor experiences frustrates users and can result in not achieving everything that was planned to be discussed, holding teams back, affecting productivity and growth.

Zoom Rooms removes these frustrations, with quality hardware, easy to use systems and the ability to quickly schedule and join calls. Users enjoy the experience of using Zoom Rooms and the Zoom Eco System. Empower you users to have great conversations and connections.

Take a look at a few example meeting spaces with Zoom Rooms below.

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