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Our Top 5 Systems for Remote and Hybrid Working

We take a look at our top 5 Systems to help companies get setup for Remote and Hybrid Working.

There are many solutions out there that can help business get set for Remote and Hybrid Working. Below we take a look at Coded Point’s top 5 Systems to help companies achieve the best setup for Remote and Hybrid Working.

#1 Zoom Unified Communication Platform.

The biggest change to working remotely is how we communicate with each other. Whether that be colleagues, customers or suppliers. The Zoom Unified Communication Platform includes a number of individual products from Zoom Meetings, to Zoom Phone, to Zoom Rooms to be used together or separately. By using all the Zoom Products together you create an environment that allows your team to work from anywhere. Use Zoom Meetings to have video and audio calls, use Zoom Phone to make and answer internal and external phone calls and ensure that you never miss a call from a customer. Zoom Rooms allows you to make the most of your meeting spaces and have in person participants join meetings from one space whilst remote participants join from their own devices.

Take a look at our Zoom Page to find out more.

#2 Barracuda Email Protection

With less face to face communication, more and more conversations are taking place over email. But with this increased usage comes an increased risk. According to Barracuda 91% of cyberattacks start with email, and the email attacks are getting more sophisticated. Barracuda Email Protection, protects users with a variety of different tools, such as Advanced Protection to scan email attachments in real time and suspicious attachments are detonated in a sandbox environment to observe behaviour. Link Protection where URL’s are opened in a sandbox environment to block malicious links and email continuity, in the event that the primary email service becomes unavailable, switch to a cloud based email service.

As users are working from home, employees may check with IT about potential malicious emails less, as they won’t see IT face to face, but if email systems are compromised when users are working from home, dealing with the fallout could be more difficult when working from home these concerns can be removed if Barracuda Email Protection sit in-front of your email tenant.

#3 MacBooks

Apple devices have a growing presence in enterprise, for a number of reasons. Portability, durability and quality. It is highly likely that an Apple MacBook will outlive its competitors, but it also provides more power for portable users, perfect for remote and hybrid working. Users are more likely to be using laptop to provide them with the portability to work where works best for them, but they don’t want to be impacted by a lack of power which will impact on their productivity. Purchasing a Mac although may seem more expensive than its competitors is actually better value for money and provides a higher ROI, as they last longer and remove a lot of hurdles and frustration found on other devices. You can also buy Macs on a lease agreement to refresh your devices after a number of years to ensure your team always have the latest equipment.

Take a look at our Apple page to find out how Mac’s could benefit your business.


If you implement Apple Mac’s into your business, you need an effective way to manage and deploy devices. By using a tool such as JAMF Pro and Connect you can deploy devices in minutes, greatly reducing the amount of time IT and new users spend to get devices setup. On average an IT Technician may take a few hours to setup a device with the company authentication, applications and security requirements, but with JAMF this could be reduced to around 10 minutes and the IT Technician won’t need to setup the device first. Devices can be shipped directly to users, where they unbox, turn on and login in. IT can also deploy new applications and existing application patches centrally allowing the user to update at a time that suits them and add a deadline to ensure compliance or automatically install the update. The ability to deploy devices direct to users especially non technical users and deploy updates centrally makes it the perfect tool for a remote and hybrid workforce.

Our JAMF Page details the product offering but also the full advantage that JAMF can have on your business.

#5 Barracuda Cloud to Cloud Backup

For those that use Microsoft365 for Emails (Exchange), OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, Microsoft doesn’t backup this data. With this amount of data stored in one place if anything were to happen to the servers that they are hosted on, this could have a huge impact on your business and potentially leave you unable to operate. Barracuda Cloud to Cloud Backup, backups the data in your Microsoft365 tenant to a different location. Therefore if something were to happen to the Microsoft servers you data is protected. It also can be used in the event of malicious activity or accidental deletion. If a user was to delete emails or files, you can restore them from your Barracuda backup. But Cloud to Cloud Backup has another use case for archiving files, mainly for users that have left your business. You may keep their mailbox in your Microsoft tenant for a period of time, before deleting it, but their mailbox and OneDrive data can still be stored in your Barracuda Cloud to Cloud backup should it be needed. You can added retention policies for how long that data should be held for. IT administrators can then restore the whole mailbox if required or certain email and files to specified locations such as another users Mailbox before the final delation date in your retention policy.

Find out more about Barracuda Cloud to Cloud backup.

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