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What is Zoom Phone?

How can Migrating to the Cloud with Zoom Phone power businesses

Traditional Telephony Solutions have been used by businesses for decades, however in today’s modern workplace they don’t provide users with the functionality or flexibility required in order to work efficiently and productively. With large numbers of workers now requesting to be able to work either remotely full or part time, being able to make and answer calls wherever you are working is as important as ever. But users also need their communication tools to be flexible so that they can have meaningful communications with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Zoom Phone is a cloud based Telephony Solution that is part of the Zoom Unified Communications Platform. Zoom Phone can be used individually or with other Zoom Products to give users the full Unified Communications Experience.

If you don’t currently have a cloud based telephony solution, your business can benefit from advantages such as reduced overheads in upfront setup fees and time spent by IT to manage on-premise hardware, removing the hardware to create more space in your physical locations, being able to make and receive phone calls wherever your team is working, as well as greater reliability and flexibility. Cloud based solutions are hosted in large data centres with a higher reliability with redundancy built in, reducing the amount of downtime experienced. Cloud based telephony solutions can also become part of a Unified Communications platform as a central place for all communications from telephony to meetings and chat.

By Migrating your telephony solution to Zoom Phone users can benefit from features such as Auto Receptionists to direct callers to the correct place and reduce spam calls, Call Queues and Voicemail functionality to ensure that your calls are never missed and business hours so that your users can have their business and personal numbers on one device but not receive work calls outside of business hours. Zoom Phone works on the Zoom Mobile and Desktop app as well as selected Desk Phones to provide each user with the best experience, but also ensure that your users can make and answer calls wherever they are working. When using Zoom Phone on a mobile or desktop, it sits within the Zoom App to keep communications all in once place.

Implementing Zoom Phone and the wider Zoom Unified Communications platform users have one central place for all their communication needs from Phone, to meetings to Chat as well as office meeting spaces. When on a Zoom Phone call you can elevate your call to a meeting for video communications but to also share content. Sync your contacts into the Zoom app to dial contacts directly without having to manually input the number or call users direct from a Zoom chat.

Zoom Phone takes advantage of Zoom’s video first architecture and is provided on a single platform. This platform allows businesses to scale and adapt to changing circumstances as well as provide users with the tools they need to succeed.

The Main advantages of Migrating to Zoom Phone is:

  • Greater Reliability

  • Flexibility to work how and where you want

  • Ability to transfer calls between a users devices

  • Elevate calls to meetings to share content

  • One place for all your communication needs

  • Reduces overheads in upfront and monthly costs as well as Maintenance and Implementation time.

Take a look at our Zoom Phone Page for More information

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