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What to consider when implementing a Remote and Hybrid Work Approach?

At the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic companies moved to remote working overnight. Some were prepared for this whereas others weren't and took time to adapt and may still feel like they aren't setup for a remote or hybrid work approach. But as companies start looking for a return to the office many are considering a hybrid approach where their team work some days in the office and some at home. But as with Remote working, there are considerations from an IT Perspective to consider to ensure that you are setup for the new approach to work. Do you have the correct systems and processes in place to allow your team to work productively and securely wherever they are working. In this article we will go over what to consider and what works well when setting your team up for Hybrid and Remote Working.

What do I need to consider when getting my team ready for Remote and Hybrid Working?

Whether you are looking at going fully remote or adopting a Hybrid Approach, we believe that there are 2 areas to consider: End-User Productivity and IT Security. IT Security should be the first priority for any company irrelevant of your working setup, but the trick is to choose solutions that are secure but also allow your team to work effectively and productively so that Security doesn't become a hurdle.

IT Security:

Moving to a Remote or Hybrid Work Approach throws additional IT challenges your way to ensure that your data and team continue to work securely. Your users aren't sitting behind the firewalls and onsite infrastructure that you have in place in your office. This can leave you open to Security Breaches, Data Loss, or Data Theft. Coded Point works with a number of partners that allow you to easily implement Security Solutions, helping you and your team to work remotely or in the office. Therefore giving you peace of mind.

End-User Experience and Productivity:

Allowing your team to work where they feel most comfortable is great, but both you and your team will want to ensure that working remotely doesn't impact user Productivity. Many leaders consider working remotely to affect Productivity, however with the right IT Solutions in place this doesn't have to be the case. The right solutions also provide a great end-user experience for your team, providing them with equipment that they want to use and are more productive on.

By Choosing the right solutions you benefit from secure solutions wherever your users interact with your systems but also keeping them productive and providing a great end-user experience.

What Systems can I implement to achieve a Secure and Productive Remote and Hybrid Work Setup?

There are a number of systems that you can implement to help you achieve a Secure and Productive Remote and Hybrid Work Approach. Our Free Guide goes into detail about solutions that Coded Point has found to achieve this goal. Below we have highlighted a few systems that are quick and easy to implement and provide instant Security and Productivity benefits.

Zoom Unified Communications:

Zoom has played a huge part for both businesses and individuals during the pandemic, many hadn't even heard of Zoom before Covid-19. But Zoom is a video first Unified Communications platform providing, Meetings, Phone, Conference Room and Webinar Technology.

Zoom Meetings:

Used by both Individuals and Businesses before the pandemic. Have one to one or group video or audio calls on any device, anywhere as long as you have an internet or mobile data connection. The Zoom app is available on both mobile and desktop where you can join, start or schedule calls. A Free plan is available for calls up to 40 minutes, and there are multiple paid plans to suit your needs. Support for up to 1000 video participants and 49 on screen at any one time.

Zoom Phone:

Never miss a call. Zoom Phone is hosted in the cloud, so isn't restricted by on-premise equipment. At the beginning of the pandemic organisations struggled to answer calls from internal and external callers as their existing systems either didn't support use outside of the office or provided a poor user experience. Zoom Phone removes both of these problems. Make and receive calls to and from internal and external callers. Elevate a Phone call to a meeting or transfer between users or to a Zoom Room. Zoom Phone works in the Zoom Mobile or Desktop App (the same app as Zoom Meetings) or via selected Desk Phones. Manage Zoom Phone within the same admin portal as Zoom Meetings.

Zoom Rooms:

Power your huddle, meeting, and conference rooms with Zoom Rooms. Encourage users to use meeting spaces within your offices by having users all join from a meeting room rather than from their individual devices. Other participants can either join from their own Zoom Room or from individual devices from the mobile or desktop Zoom App. Simply invite your meeting room to the Zoom Meeting and at the time of the meeting simply press start or join on the Zoom Room Controller, start the meeting from your mobile device (without touching the controller) or on compatible hardware say "Zoom Start my meeting". Share Content wirelessly from mobile and desktop devices and use Smart Gallery view so all participants in a Zoom Room have their own frame for better face to face conversation. Use Auto Framing to focus on attendees in the room rather than showing the whole room. Zoom Rooms is a cost effective method of implementing conference room technology.

Mobile Device Management Solution:

Use a Mobile Device Management Solution (MDM) to better manage your fleet of devices wherever they are working. For Windows Devices there are a variety of different options available, contact us to discuss the best solution for you and we partner with JAMF to deploy a MDM Solution for Apple Devices.

Mobile Device Management Solutions allow you manage your devices wherever they are, ensuring that whether your team work in or outside of the office they can be deployed, managed and updated.

Remote working allows you to hire talent from further afield, so you won't want them to come to your office to collect their equipment, especially if they don't live near you. A MDM allows you to ship devices directly to your users, they can unbox, sign in, setup and install pre-approved applications and resources. No need for IT to setup the device manually. You also need to ensure that your devices are patched to remain secure. But many organisations deploy applications and patches manually on the device one by one. This is difficult when your team is working in the office let alone when your team is working remotely, where it will be near impossible. A MDM Solution allows you to deploy application patches to users where they can be installed automatically or given to the user to install when works best for them, but with a deadline to ensure devices remain complaint. Configure and Secure devices remotely with a host of options to meet your requirements.

Barracuda Total Email Protection and Microsoft365 Cloud to Cloud Backup:

Barracuda offer a range of email protection and backup solutions. Email is the most commonly used communication method for businesses and with a variety of different ways to compromise emails, you need to ensure that your team and data is protected.

Barracuda Total Email Protection, helps protect against all 13 email threat types, from Spam and Ransomware to socially engineered threats such as spear fishing. Gateway-only protection tools can't stop threats from compromised internal email accounts. Barracuda uses a global threat intelligence database from 200,000 companies worldwide combined with Artificial Intelligence to stop email threats.

The Barracuda Microsoft365 Cloud to Cloud Backup, ensures that data within your Microsoft365 tenant is backed-up. This data includes Exchange (Email), OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams data which isn't backed-up by Microsoft. You can then initiate a full or partial backup of your data. Keeping this data in a separate location ensures that your data is protected and gives additional peace of mind.


Remote and Hybrid work provides your team with many benefits such as a better work life balance, Greater Flexibility and reduced commuting time and in turn this provides benefits to your company with happier employees and the ability to hire users from anywhere. However without a suitable IT Setup, this wouldn't be possible and would make remote and hybrid working a hurdle rather than a benefit.

As with any organisation the most important role for IT is Security, protecting users, data and your business, but IT Security doesn't have to put problems in the way for your users. Your team can benefit from a productive and efficient IT setup that provides a great end-user experience. Implementing IT Systems that users wants to use encourages them into the office, but also ensures that they are productive wherever they are working.

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