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Why Improving the IT End-User experience is Important?

Improving the end-user IT Experience can increase Productivity and Power an Organisations Growth.

Most business make use of IT in one way or another. Some have internal IT Departments and others outsource everything to a 3rd Party. However there is a common perception about IT amongst team members. That perception is the idea of computers crashing, Not being able to print or connect to the server and only seeing or hearing about IT when something goes wrong or when someone from IT comes to fix the problem. But what if IT could be seen in a more positive light, as a huge benefit that helps teams create their best work, providing a great end-user experience and increasing Productivity.

At Coded Point our mission is to improve the IT Setup of Organisations and Businesses to provide that great end-user experience, increase productivity, security and support growth. It is great when a user asks IT a question to find out that they already had the answer. We want to change the perception of IT so that IT can be viewed positively and users can see the work that goes on in the background rather than just when things go wrong.

In this Article we will go over how Coded Point achieves this mission for customers but also why it is important.

How does Coded Point help customers improve their IT to create a great end-user experience increase Productivity, Security and support growth.

The 1st part of this is to throw every perception of IT out the window. To create an IT Setup that works for businesses in 2021 you need to look at IT with a blank canvas and ask what do end-users need in order to succeed.

We tell our customers that IT Security doesn’t have to negatively impact the end-user experience and therefore user productivity. Most know IT systems to be locked down, sometimes in a way that prevents you achieving what you need to do. IT Security is vital to any business, to ensure that any data they hold is protected and IT plays a key part in this. Preventing damage to the companies reputation by working to prevent data breaches or serious downtime. But this doens't have to impact how users interact with their IT Systems.

Taking the above into account the best way to achieve an IT Setup that works for your business is to Develop an IT Strategy. Coded Point provides IT Strategy services, but here is our approach to developing an IT Strategy or finding solutions that work for you.

We believe that our approach provides companies with IT Solutions that ensure you are setup for success. First we look at the system or systems that you currently in place. If we are developing your IT Strategy we will look at all systems, to determine the priority of systems to be upgraded and how each system works together. However, if we are looking at improving one system or area of your IT we will narrow the focus, but also ensuring we understand how the one system integrates and works with others to provide the best benefit. Next we look at the pain points currently experienced by users. This should give us an idea of what works well and what doesn’t within your company. For example if users struggle to work on documents at the same time as other users, we know to make this need a priority and to remove any solutions from consideration that don’t support this. Last we look at your companies growth plans. Although technology is constantly changing, if you find a solution that works for you now, why change it in 2 years time, if there is nothing wrong with it. So we need to ensure that the systems recommended works for you long term and can handle the planned growth. If you want to add another location, expand into a different country or increase your team these are the considerations that need to be factored in. The end result gives us a list of improvements to make and which solutions are going to be the best fit for you and your team.

Why is providing users with a great IT Experience important?

There are many studies that now point to employees more likely to join a company and remain there for longer if they are provided with equipment of their choice and are most comfortable using. This is more so with younger people. But if you look at the IT Setup in many companies now, users are constantly facing issues with their IT. From the spinning wheel of doom, to being unable to connect to a printer or applications crashing, I could go on. This frustrates users especially when they have deadlines to meet. Why should users face all of these problems. If users are being affected by IT issues, they are going to be less productive. They will spend less time on the tasks most important and more time raising support tickets with IT. These support tickets have an impact on how IT operates, if you only have a small IT Team they are taken away from other work and projects that could improve the overall IT. This isn’t to say that you remove all IT Support requests because you are always going to have those, but you can reduce them to a more manageable level that increases productivity for both end-users and for IT.

IT isn’t really about just installing servers or password resets, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that helps keep organisations moving. Technology is built into almost every part of a business and is used all day every day, so the correct investment needs to be made to ensure that IT does what you need it to. If you think about how many support tickets your team raises a day. The time for the user to raise each request, IT to read and respond and then some back and forth to get a resolution, all of this time mounts up, especially if it is something such as a password reset, installing a new application or connecting to a printer. By implementing the correct solutions you can remove the basic IT Support requests by giving more control to end users without compromising on Security or Compliance. IT Support request can then only be raised when something has gone wrong and with the right solutions in place, those systems should be more reliable, resulting in even less support tickets raised. Having worked in an Internal IT Department for a company of 60 people, in a 2 week period we had 3 support requests. This shows that with the correct setup your team can just continue working and they are raising less support tickets and facing less IT problems. Your IT team and users can then be more productive. IT Teams can keep to their schedule of maintenance and upgrades whilst end users can meet deadlines and work effortlessly. Overall the end-user IT Experience should be similar to a users own personal device at home. You have additional Security and processes but they can’t be seen, the systems are reliable and trustworthy and you know you can count on them when it matters.


IT Departments and Infrastructure doesn’t have to have a negative impact on businesses. IT is at the core of businesses and is potentially one of its greatest assets. Providing systems that are reliable, easy to use, trustworthy and providing a great user experience. This increased productivity for users and for IT enables better growth. Users are happier and more likely to remain with a company, more so if their equipment is regularly refreshed.