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Zoom Introduces Zoom One

Zoom today announced its new Zoom One Solution, combining persistent chat, phone, meetings whiteboard and more. Helping businesses and employees have meaningful connections and effective collaboration for a successful hybrid work setup.

Zoom One combines the core Zoom Products required by businesses. Zoom Meetings allowing teams to work and collaborate more effectively as well as Zoom Phone to ensure that calls are never missed and that they are always of the highest quality. Zoom One also gives you access to new Collaboration Features such as Zoom Whiteboard, for more efficient and effective visual collaboration.

Zoom Whiteboard gives users the ability work together in a single digital space whether your work from the office, home, classroom or somewhere in between. Helping ensure that the remote and hybrid work setup is as efficient as possible. In person and remote participants can work together on an expandable digital canvas, all from Zoom enabled devices.

Zoom One and Zoom in general helps business reduce the number of IT systems they have to provide to users for them to be able to work effectively. In the past separate solutions would have been needed for Video Conferencing, Phone and chat. Now all your communication and collaboration tools are in one place. Users no longer need to switch between apps and devices to make phone calls and join meetings, everything can be done within the Zoom Desktop or mobile app. This makes it even easier for IT and admins as managing these products and users is all done within one central Admin console.

At Coded Point we strongly believe that IT for businesses shouldn’t be complicated. Where extensive training, knowledge and resource is required to achieve a setup that meets your requirements and for most this isn’t do-able, so businesses struggle along with what they have. That’s why we partnered with companies such as Zoom. Coded Point simplifies IT so that its more manageable whilst ensuring you have the setup needed to manage and grow your business.

Anyone that works or has worked in an IT Support role will know the types of issues that gets raised by users. They are a mixture of “how do I do this” or “this isn’t working” but what if the number of those questions could be reduced or removed completely. By implementing Zoom you have a single place for all of your communication needs from Meetings, to Phone to Chat. As well as rooms although that isn’t included in the Zoom One plans. Not only is everything in one place but you know that you can rely on the Zoom Platform. Having supported Zoom as an internal IT support administrator I very rarely got asked how to do something in Zoom or that something wasn’t working. We setup Single Sign on so that users can get working quickly and then after they were signed-in the intuitive interface meant that it was easy for them to start using Zoom. The Zoom Outlook Plugin was a great help to users as well, ensuring that they could add Zoom Meetings straight into the Outlook Meeting invite rather than having to create the call details in Zoom and copy them over to Outlook.

In the remote and hybrid working age platforms that you can rely on, as well as get setup and use easily are vital. Not only does it reduce the upfront investment in time to get setup, but you can start to see the improvements straight away with increased productivity.

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