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Zoom Phone for End Users

How can Zoom Phone transform your business

Zoom Phone is perfect for businesses of all sizes, transforming how teams communicate and ensuring that customers are directed to the correct place. In this article we will outline the different functionality available to users within Zoom Phone and identify why migrating to Zoom Phone can reduce costs and improve productivity.

Auto Receptionists:

For businesses that want to direct callers to the correct department without going straight through to reception, utilise Auto Receptionists and give callers a choice when they dial your main number of where they go through to. For example users can press 1 for Accounts, 2 for support and 3 for general enquiries. This gives callers a great experience as they can get to where they need to go to faster and won’t have to repeat what they are calling for multiple times. You can also give callers the option to dial the direct extension of the user should they know it. This can be good if you don’t want to add the cost of a direct dial for each user, but want to have contacts you speak to regularly bi-pas speaking to reception and having to be transferred. Auto receptionists also helps to reduce spam phone calls as bots are unable to get passed.

Call Groups:

Works great with Auto Receptionists. You may have multiple users in each department all with their own Zoom Phone extension. When a caller dials your main number, this can either go straight through to a specified call group, or if you use an Auto Receptionist when a callers selects the option (eg 1 for Accounts) you can forward this option to a call group. Then you can setup the call group to ring all phones and users in that call group for the first available person to answer. Alternatively internal users can make use of call groups. Maybe your sales team has an accounting query and needs to speak to a member of accounting, they can dial the call group extension for accounting and speak to the first available team member.

Phone Number and Direct Dials:

You can purchase additional phone numbers to be used by callers and direct these phone numbers to different places. For example you can set a Phone number to go to an Auto Receptionist or to a call group, or you can have additional phone numbers for Direct Dials.

For business that want to make use of Direct Dials, so that callers have a direct phone number for individual users within your business you can purchase more phone numbers and assign them to certain users.

You would need a minimum of one phone number which you would forward to your reception or switch board, however adding additional phone numbers for individual users could become expensive, so we usually recommend using the direct dial for extensions rather than using direct phone numbers.

You also have the ability to assign a user more numbers for their Outbound caller ID. If you have multiple phone numbers you can add these to the user so they can customise the number they use to dial out with. You can also specify their default outbound caller ID. If no additional numbers are added to the users account the user won’t have the option to change their outbound caller ID.

Extensions and Contacts:

Each user has an extension, this number is auto generated by Zoom, however Zoom Phone admins can change the extension if required. This extension isn’t shown when dialling out, however they are useful for internal calling or direct dialling from an external number as discussed above. Your colleagues have the ability to enter your extension number into their Zoom Phone to call you, or if they are using the app they can search for your name to give you a call. If you have integrated your Zoom Phone with your Calendar and Contacts for example in Microsoft365 any external contacts you have stored can be dialled direct from the Zoom App. Simply go into the Zoom Phone section of your application and search for the contact. It will then list all the contacts that match the search and allow you to select one to call. If they phone you, their name should appear in the caller ID so you know who is calling.

Call Delegation for Executives:

If your executives need the ability for others to answer and make calls on their behalf, Zoom Phone has functionality for this as well. Call Delegation makes it easier for users to assign a delegate to make and manage calls on their behalf.

Desk Phone and Desktop or Mobile App

As Zoom Phone sits on the Zoom Unified Communication platform, Zoom Phone sits within the Zoom Desktop and Mobile app to keep all your communications in one place, even if you only use Zoom Phone. Your users don’t have to have a paid for meeting plan, they can utilise the free basic plan with meeting limits of 40 minutes and add the paid Zoom Phone add-on to utilise the full features of Zoom Phone. Keeping your Zoom Phone in the same place as other communication tools from Zoom makes it easier to use and means you need to have less applications running.

But for other users you can also make use of Desk Phones that are compatible with Zoom Phone. This allows you to make and receive phone calls from your desk or hot desk, but also make and receive calls from the desktop or mobile app for when you are working from home or outside the office. Perfect for Hybrid working setups.

Elevate Phone Call to a Meeting:

If you are in a phone call and you feel that sharing content would aid the end result of the call, you can elevate your Zoom Phone call to a Zoom Meeting so that you can share content with the other participants of the call. You can also transfer your call to your other devices where your content is stored. For example if you are on your mobile when taking the Zoom Phone call, you can transfer this to your desktop app and then elevate to a meeting to share the content.

You can also move your call to a Meeting Room, using Zoom Rooms to make use of the in room functionality for example white boarding, or to include multiple people that are with you in the office all into one space. This gives users the flexibility to work and communicate quickly and effectively.


Zoom Phone has lots of features to ensure that it meets the needs of every business in every sector. Zoom Phone is simple to use and works seamlessly with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms to provide an all round great Unified Communications Experience. Zoom Phone ensures that you are able to make and receive calls wherever your team is working a problem many businesses faced at the beginning of the pandemic.

Traditional On-Premise solutions don't provide your users this flexibility or level of functionality to allow your team to make and receive calls at home. However migrating to a Cloud Telephony Solution can also bring cost savings by reducing the need to purchase on-site hardware and the time for IT team to manage and maintain this equipment. With Zoom Phone hosted in the cloud, Zoom manage this infrastructure so you don't have to.

If you would like to find out more about how Zoom Phone can power your businesses Communication needs or would like to have a Zoom Phone demo reach out to us using our Contact us page or email us at

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