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JAMF and JAMF Connect Implementation.

Deploying a Fleet of Mac's with Zero Touch Technology

The Problem:

Our Client was a heavy Mac User. 95% of their team were Mac based, but each device was managed independently and bound to onsite Active Directory, meaning that the setup, updates and upgrades all had to be done one by one for over 40 devices. This was time consuming for a small IT Department and because the Mac's were bound to Active Directory users experienced issues logging into the machine when the Mac wasn't connected to a network. This negatively impacted productivity and caused issues when users worked outside of the office.

With the company using a large number and variety of applications IT was constantly updating machines preventing them from actioning other tasks. This on top of support issues dealing with login issues and the usual day to day meant that issues took longer to resolve and provided a poor experience for the end user. As applications were updated one by one, at any given time there were a number of different versions in use and no device was exactly the same, adding to the support issues raised by users.

The Solution:

We helped them implement JAMF Pro and JAMF Connect the standard and Market Leader for Mac Management. All Mac's were enrolled in JAMF allowing IT to centrally deploy application and OS updates, drastically reducing the amount of time spent keeping the fleet up to date. Each machine was configured based on a Pre-Stage setup ensuring every machine was deployed the same making it easier to identify and resolve issues.

JAMF Connect was also deployed allowing users to open the Box, turn on and sign into their Mac using their Office365 credentials creating a local user account on the machine rather than each Mac being bound to Active Directory removing the issue users faced when they logged in and the need for IT to setup and configure their device first.

Implementing JAMF Pro and JAMF Connect overhauled their IT Setup, delivering huge Productivity Improvements and Time Savings as well as improving the end user experience.

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