Coded Point can support companies in all sectors, but here are some sectors that we specialise in. 

Our aim is to change the IT Status Quo. Businesses need IT Solutions that support them rather than putting hurdles in the way. Our solutions are designed to provide users with a seamless IT Experience. 


We are specialists in the Creative IT Sector from Marketing and Advertising Agencies, Digital Marketing, Product Design, Architects and Film and TV. The Creative Sector is fast paced and IT needs to be able to keep up. We help source and implement Creative Solutions for Creative Companies. From the correct Hardware to file Storage Solutions to Unified Communications.



From Banks, to Building societies and Accounting Firms to Insurance Companies. Security is vital to this sector and IT Security is one of our Values. We will design, plan and implement solutions that are secure but also easy to use, so that your team isn't impacted by the implemented security measures. IT Security doesn't have to affect user Productivity.



Whether you work on a big or small project we can help support your IT Requirements. Whether that be sourcing equipment that is ATEX Certified for used in hazardous areas or a file storage solution that lets you work and access files when out onsite and exchange feedback in real-time.



The Travel Industry over recent years has made substantial changes as it adopts new technologies. Airlines are adopting Apple Devices to deploy Apps to their teams to track flights, delays and cancellations. Pilots are able to monitor weather conditions and maintenance teams can check and work on pending tasks from creation to completion. Travel agents also need the telecommunications to contact customers and colleagues as well as computers that can keep up with demand of customer bookings. 


Working with our Partners we help organisations in the Healthcare sector with everything, from IT Procurement to Telecoms. 


Providing the correct IT Equipment and Systems for an Educational Environment removing hurdles from learning.


Whether you work in App and Web Development or the next big thing, we can help source the equipment you need. 

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Let's Work Together

Whether your looking to implement a new IT Solution, Provide IT Support for your team or looking to purchase new Hardware, Software or Licences, we're here to help.