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There is nothing more important than security when it comes to IT Infrastructure. That’s why it’s one of our core values. Coded Point offer a range of Security Solutions to help you protect company data.

Barracuda Email Protection

With less face to face contact, emails are one of the most common communication methods for teams. However, email scams are a huge threat to businesses and one wrong click can have devastating implications. Barracuda Email Protection aims to reduce the risk by implementing measures such as sandboxing for Attachments and URL's, data loss prevention, email encryption and Email Continuity. 


Data Loss Prevention

A DLP Solution is a great way to ensure that only files that should be sent are sent and prevent any potential breaches. Whether that be monitoring uploads to cloud locations or data copied to external drives. You may also choose to prevent external drives from connecting to your devices all together or only allow company owned disks to be connected.

Anti Virus Software

AntiVirus protects your servers and end user devices against Malware and Viruses as well as monitoring for compliance. Coded Point have AntiVirus Solutions that are specifically designed so that they don’t affect the performance of your devices ensuring that your users don’t even know it's there.

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Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

Protects your team from potentially harmful emails and attachments. Advanced Threat Protection scans incoming emails and attachments to ensure that they are safe before delivering them to your inbox. Should they be marked as potentially harmful the email is quarantined to be checked manually before going through to the user.

Multi-Factor Authentication

A method where users are asked to provide 2 forms of authentication in able to access a system. This is usually a username and password along with Fingerprints, keycard, or a string of numbers that changes every few seconds. MFA strengthens the security of your IT systems and makes it harder for any unauthorised access. 

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