The travel industry is constantly changing and adapting and users need to have the latest technology to be able to provide the best services to customers. Whether you need to keep users informed about delayed planes or trains or need your maintenance teams to have a central location for maintenance requests to ensure that that delays and cancellations are kept to a minimum. Travel Agents need effective tools to be able to book and manage holidays for customers such computers and telephony.

Travel IT Solutions

Ticketing and Project Management Solutions allow for Maintenance Requests to be raised and information about faults to be kept in one place. Whether they be a quick and simple repair or a complex repair and refurbishment. Record all activity in a central place and keep track of developments. Have users add comments for progress or roadblocks to keep everyone on the same page. Use tickets for issues to be reported and looked into, whilst also being able to respond to the reporter to get more information on the fault. 

Deploy iPads to teams. For example support staff can use a Mobile App on an iPad to check the timetable for arrivals and departures and get up to date information about delays and cancellations to provide the best information and experience to the customer. Before when paper copies were handed out, they became out of date very quickly. Deploying iPads with JAMF can allow multiple users to use an iPad depending on their role. So that different teams and departments have access to the different resources they need. 

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