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Unparalleled Security 

Security should be the number 1 Priority for every business and with Apple, you don't need to compromise.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees Choose Apple. Of Organisations that offer Employee Choice 72% of employees choose Mac.

Increased Productivity

Apple Devices work with your existing apps and can reduce the number of support tickets reported by users.


Reduced Financial Impact

Fewer Support requests, less software, higher residual values means that choosing Apple won't break the bank.

Security First. Always.

Security is Built in, right out of the box with features such as TouchID, FaceID, On Device Encryption and Gatekeeper. IT can use these built in features and additional controls made available through an MDM to protect data. IT can require an iPad have a passcode or that Device Encryption is enabled as well as lock, locate and wipe devices should it go missing.

Employees Choose Apple.

A Survey conducted by JAMF found that 52% of organisations offer employees the choice of what type of computer they use for work. 72% of employees choose Mac over PC. This shows how Mac can be adopted into work environments and the benefits it can have for both employees and business. 

Implementing Apple Devices along with JAMF can create a great end user experience whilst ensuring that the security needs of businesses are maintained. 

IT That Doesn't Break the Bank

Many believe that implementing Apple devices is more expensive than buying PC's. If you look at the whole IT picture you find that by implementing Apple Devices:

  • Users report less IT Support Tickets

  • Decreases the time to deploy devices using Zero Touch Technology

  • Free's up time for IT to action other tasks.

  • Reduces Software and Licence Costs

  • Increases End User Productivity 

Also by leasing devices you can reduce the upfront cost of implementing Apple devices, further increasing ROI.

Apple Silicon

Apple Silicon is used in Mac, iPad and iPhone. Most recently transforming the Mac, increasing processing speeds and Battery Life. Whether you are a standard or power user there is a Mac for you. This increase in power and battery life allows users to work for longer increasing productivity. The power and portability of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro allow users to work where they work best helping organisations succeed with their Remote and Hybrid working setups.


Use with or without IT

Apple Devices work great in business whether you have an IT Team or not. There are a variety of different options available to you to suit your needs. 

  • Apple Business Essentials - great for small teams, a subscription that gives you everything you need in one place. Device Management, Support and Cloud Storage. Simple to setup even with no IT Team. 

  • JAMF Now - Setup devices in minutes without IT. Zero Touch Deployment, App Distribution, Security Configurations and much more.

  • JAMF Pro - For larger teams and Enterprise. Give your IT Team the ability to setup, deploy and configure devices to best meet the needs of your business. 


All Day Productivity

The MacBook Air Delivers up to 18 hours, giving your users the ability to work where, how and for as long as they want.

All the Apps you need.

Give your users the Apps they need with everything from Chrome to Excel and Zoom to Adobe, supported on iPhone, iPad and Mac. 


Easy Deployment

Remove the pain of setting up and Deploying devices by implementing a Mobile Device Manager. Get users setup quickly and give them the Apps they need out of the box. 

Keep apps and devices up to date remotely and resolve issues faster without having to see the device in person

Apple Builds the Hardware Software & Services

Apple builds the Hardware, Software and Services, ensuring everything works together, unlike other Hardware manufacturers . Take advantage of all of the functionality in the software made possible through the hardware. Not only does this provide a great user experience, but it reduces the number of support tickets. 

Great for the Environment

Apple's Devices are designed with the Environment in mind. Whether that be using recycled or more sustainable materials or using trade in schemes to prevent old devices damaging the planet.

Find out more about how Apple is helping the Environment 

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