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JAMF is an Industry Leader in Apple Device Management, building tools to improve how your devices are managed, providing a great experience for both end-users and for IT. Your team is busy so you need to be able to deploy and manage devices quickly, effectively and securely. JAMF gives you the ability to have end users setup devices and IT can centrally deploy applications and updates rather than managing each device individually. 

Benefits of JAMF

There are a variety of different reasons why implementing Apple and JAMF can help your organisation for end-users, IT and Management:

Configure devices to all be the same

You probably setup devices one by one, but install the same base applications with the same configuration. JAMF can deploy and configure devices to be setup the same out of the box, installing base applications and with the same configuration, automatically.

Easily Deploy Patches

Don't deploy your Application and macOS patches manually one by one, add them into Self Service and allow users to install at a time that suits them, but set deadlines on applications to ensure your devices are compliant.

Zero Touch Deployment

Your users setup devices out of the box, no hands on setup from IT and you can still ensure that devices are setup to meet your organisations base configuration and setup. 

Run Inventory Reports

Run Inventory reports on your fleet of devices providing you with information about each device such as application name and version number, device spec, serial number,  assigned user and policy status. This gives you a full view of the status of each of your devices and can easily diagnose issues by looking at which policies have run and which ones have failed.

Deploy Securely

By using JAMF Connect you add additional security by having users authenticate with a cloud identity provider such as Azure or Okta.

Automatic Scoping

Use Enrollment customisations to get the user to sign into their Cloud Identity Provider to automatically report the user back to JAMF. This then deploys policies and configuration profiles that have been scoped to the user. This removes the need for IT to manually scope policies to devices once they have been enrolled to get users working faster.

Users have the tools when they need them

You may install only required applications in your base configuration, but users may need other applications in the future, allow end users to install applications, printers and other resources already pre-approved by IT without a support ticket having to be raised.

Endpoint Security

Use JAMF Protect to prevent macOS Malware, detect and remediate macOS Specific threats and monitor compliance of your fleet of devices. JAMF Protect is built specifically for macOS to keep organisations and users secure.

JAMF Statistics

A survey conducted by JAMF of their customers took a look at the total cost of ownership and the return on investment. JAMF found that having a proven Apple Device Management Solution delivers a quick and compelling ROI for both small and large enterprises.

The research identified JAMF Pro as a solution that saves organisations time, resources and cost by:

Simplifying IT Management

Reduction in time spent managing Apps

Reduction in time spent provisioning

Improving end-user experience

Reduction in end-user productivity loss

Reduction in volume of help desk tickets

Mitigating Risk

Reduction in time spent creating inventory reports

Reduction in time spent managing policy and setting changes

Want to Know More?

Contact us to have a discussion on how implementing JAMF can help you.
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