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Zoom Meetings

Get Setup Quickly

Get your users using Zoom quickly, with an easy setup for IT Admins, Single Sign-on to provision users so they can use the same credentials as their Cloud Identity Provider and schedule calls quickly with the Outlook Integration.

With a quick and easy setup for both End-Users and IT, it increases adoption and encourages users to make the most of Zoom.


When switching to Zoom customers have reported an increase in Performance, Trust and Engagement.

Report an increase in Performance

Report a greater sense of trust

Report a greater sense of engagement

Saw an increase in video usage

More On Security

Zoom offers multiple security options to protect your meetings:

  • Meeting Encryption

  • Waiting Rooms (Host allows access to meetings)

  • Require host to be present before meeting starts

  • Expel Participant

  • Lock a Meeting

  • Screen Share Watermarks

  • Enable or Disable Participants to record

  • Passcode Protect Meetings


Great for Working From Home

Add confidence when your team work from home with the below features and functionality

  • Clear Audio and Background noise suppression.

  • Virtual Background.

  • Advanced Camera Lighting

  • Immersive View to make meetings more engaging.

Allow your team to work from anywhere and remain connected without affecting quality or productivity.

A Modern Meeting Solution

Whether you work on the Zoom Mobile or Desktop App, Zoom provides tools to make every meeting great.

  • Leave note taking to Zoom with auto generated and searchable transcripts so you can focus on the meeting. 

  • Share and play videos and audio with participants without having to upload the content.

  • Be ready for any meeting with Advanced lighting controls, touch up my appearance and virtual backgrounds.


Want to Know More?

Contact us to have a discussion on how implementing Zoom Meetings can help you.
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