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Zoom Phone

Unparalleled Simplicity

Empower your users to use Zoom phone with the same ease of use and familiarity as Zoom Meetings. 

Zoom Phone when enabled can be found in the same Zoom Desktop and Mobile app as Zoom meetings, no need for additional applications. 

For users that prefer a desk phone, Zoom Phone is compatible with hardware solutions from Yealink, Poly and AudioCodes.


Answer the phone, Anywhere

Zoom phone is built differently to traditional legacy solutions. Built in the cloud rather than hosted on-premise it was built with a video first approach. 

This means it will work anywhere. All you need is a compatible device and a internet or mobile data connection. 

In this new era of home working, many organisations have been unable to answer calls from customers as their phone systems don't support or allow calls to be answered either outside the office or on mobile devices. Zoom works on Mobile, Desktop and Desk Phones so your calls can always be answered.

Do More with Less.

Work with a Single Unified App for Video, Voice, Messaging and Meetings. 

Native Apps for Windows, macOS, IOS and Android. 

Personal and System Call routing, connecting your calls efficiently. 

Use Auto Attendants, reducing your teams workload, to route calls to the correct place and easy to use routing wizards.


Powerful Features in a single App


Allow callers to leave voicemails to, Users, Call Groups or Auto Attendants. 


Listen to or read transcribed voicemails all from the app. 

Caller ID

Easily change your Dial out number to best represent the call that you are making. 

Call Recording

Record and review phone conversations, with the on-demand call recording feature.

Want to Know More?

Contact us to have a discussion on how implementing Zoom Phone can help you.
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