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Zoom Rooms

Create Easy-to-use, Modern, and Collaborative Meeting Spaces.

Great For

Conference Rooms

Huddle Rooms

Executive Offices

Training Rooms

Scheduling Displays

Put an end to Scheduling Headaches and make it easy to check a rooms availability and book meetings for any time of the day the room is available. 

Scheduling Display software is included in all Zoom Rooms providing powerful scheduling tools.

Zoom gives you the option to automatically release a room if not checked into, optimising availability. 

Integrate with Microsoft365, Outlook and Google Calendar, with support for both iPad and Android Tablets allowing you to choose the hardware that works best for you. Displays can be used with any room listed in your calendar.


Digital Signage


By having a minimum of one Zoom Rooms Licence you can enable unlimited Digital Signage as a value added Service for no additional cost. 

With an Easy to Use Online Content Management Platform by using the Zoom Admin Portal, Digital Signage by Zoom gives organisations the ability to manage corporate communications across all their displays. 

Check out the the features below:

  • Use the Zoom Admin Portal to Schedule, Manage and Upload content. 

  • Use Conference Room displays to show content when the rooms are not in use. 

  • Manage all displays together or individually, so you can decide what content to display.

  • Unlimited number of Displays are supported whether they be in or outside the conference room. 

Want to Know More?

Contact us to have a discussion on how implementing Zoom Rooms can help you.
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